Mr Theo, My calculus lecturer

This is family…

If you work hard to get your degree, try to think what will you do with it. If you want to use it only for your self, you are wasting your time, valuable time I would say. You won’t be happy. Well, yes you will be for a short while but it will be gone in no time.

If you spend so much time to get rich while abandoning your family thinking that they are happy if you bring more money … you are wrong. They are happier having you around. Of course we have to work hard to get a living … but make sure that you are not starting to live for working.

A real happiness is to have family that loves you for who you are. Of course there would be arguments and sometime even fights, but think of the heaven you’ll have as you make up with each other. The greatest blessing is to know that you always have a home to come home to, no matter what.

Johan Matheus Tuwankotta, calculus


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